Dispensa Emilia
Shopping Mall
Centro Borgo
Milan Showroom
Jacob Cohen
Dine Art
Times Square
ARESE, Italy 300,00 sqm 2016

On April 2016, the first Dispensa Emilia restaurant designed by Area-17 opened in an exceptional location: Il Centro, a brand new shopping mall built on the area of the former Alfa Romeo factory and one of the biggest malls in Europe.

Seoul, South Korea 65,00 sqm 2015

Officine Panerai opened a new boutique in the trendiest and most dynamic Asian fashion capital, Seul. Area-17 oversaw the construction works for the boutique acting as the project manager for the famous luxury Italian brand.


Events 2016


On April 2016, the 12th edition of LPS - Luxury Property Showcase took place in Beijing. The leading show in the luxury real estate business made clients browse among prestigious properties in the most exclusive international destinations. Area-17 participated in the event with a talk on the role of design in enhancing the quality of life in luxury residential architecture.


Area-17 for Ferrari


Area-17 was invited to submit a proposal for the image of a new boardwalk connecting two buildings of the Ferrari factory in Maranello. The proposal aims to aesthetically qualify a space of high visibility through a design that evokes the brand’s values, hinting to innovation, technology, and Italian character.

CUENCA, Ecuador 800,00 sqm 2013

Villa Rita is a charming three story house in the historic downtown area of Cuenca, completely renovated by Area-17. The allure of the building remains intact thanks to a design in which the new and the old coexist in a harmonious and placid way.

MILAN, Italy 2.000,00 sqm 2015

The Jacob Cohen House in Milan occupies 1500 square meters of the former Richard Ginori factory with the brand’s new showroom and offices. The architectural space is meant to be a multifunctional and dynamic container, satisfying the firm’s needs but also fostering new experimental actions.

BEIJING, China 60,00 sqm 2015

Officine Panerai asked Patricia Urquiola to rethink the image of its high-end stores, the concept is beautifully applied to the boutique at Yin Tai Center in Beijing. The new opening also renovates the partnership between Panerai and Area-17, who acts as the project manager for the brand in the Asia Pacific area.

MONTE CARLO, Principality of Monaco 200,00 sqm 2015

Located in the heart of the French Riviera’s vibrant life, Your’s Boutique is an elegant and glamorous setting for an exclusive shopping experience. The retail space is organized as a residential palace, where the domestic appeal of relaxed luxury puts the upscale clientele at ease.

FLORENCE, Italy 40,00 sqm 2015

INRES is the national consortium for the architectural and MEP/FA design of Coop’s stores and it is certainly one of the most important clients of Area-17. It is with great pleasure that our team designed the new INRES’ reception on the first floor of a five-story building, located right out of Florence city center.